AM 5200-A Grain Moisture Tester

The Perten AM 5200-A is a second generation 150 MHz grain moisture tester and provides improved accuracy, repeatability, and handling. It is one of the best moisture testers available today and meets the speed and connectivity requirements of the modern grain industry. Its predecessor, the AM 5100, is in use by over 1,000 grain traders and processors around the world.

  • Updated die-cast aluminum cell has been combined with modern radio frequency (RF) electronics to provide even better accuracy.
  • Larger sample size improves repeatability 100%.
  • Modern 5.7-inch (145-mm) color touch-screen improves handling.
  • Flow-through analysis allows use in automatic sampling systems.


Superior Accuracy: Superior accuracy and repeatability are obtained using a 150 MHz measurement cell made of robust, high precision die-cast aluminum. The new cell is slightly larger providing a more representative sample. RF analyzers measure the dielectric constant of grain at a specific frequency. The AM 5200-A uses the optimum radio frequency for moisture measuring and couples that with advanced computational power.

Rapid Analysis: Just pour the sample into the hopper and the AM 5200-A Moisture Tester initiates the analysis automatically, processing the sample without the need for the user to touch any screens or buttons. Accurate results on fresh field samples are displayed in less than 10 seconds. An optional flow-through provides for automated testing when the sample can be discarded.

Accurate Results on Fresh Field Samples: Older moisture testers can read up to 1% low in moisture when analyzing grain straight from the field (known as the rebound effect). The higher frequency measurement employed by the AM 5200-A Tester penetrates deeper into the grain providing more accurate results and shorter return on investment.

Easy To Use: The large color touch-screen with intuitive user interface makes the AM 5200-A Tester simple to use. Input sample IDs, view results on a remote screen, and update through USB memory sticks all add to this moisture tester’s flexibility and ease of use. The touch-screen uses resistance technology and even responds to gloved hands.

Modern Technology: The AM 5200-A Tester is designed for today’s grain trade through the use of higher frequency measuring, advanced computational power, USB data transfer and multi-language support. The unit is also GIPSA-certified as compatible with the updated Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA).

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