Harvest Commander

The Harvest Commander™ is a hand-held spectrometer for measuring the moisture content of corn on the cob. Simply hold it up to an ear of corn for fast, accurate analysis. The unit connects to a smartphone app that displays current and past moisture results. The system is also capable of analyzing weather forecasts to predict ideal harvest dates and also create heat maps of fields for harvest planning.

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  • Calibrated against the oven drying method — the gold standard for grain moisture testing.
  • Supports moisture ranges from 8 to 45 percent.
  • Displays current and historic results with the ability to add notes and share analysis results via the Harvest Commander app.
  • Tracks location of each test.
  • Capable of developing heat maps for harvest planning.
  • Analyzes weather forecasts to help predict ideal harvest dates.
  • Identifies dry-down trends.

Mobile App:

The spectrometer works in conjunction with the Harvest Commander mobile app. Select a basic or full yearly service plan to access the features that best meet your needs. Data analysis requires an internet connection, but scans that are taken offline will automatically be saved until a connection is available.

How Harvest Commander Works

Harvest Commander Allows You to View Historic Data, Add Notes and Even Share Results With Others

Basic Full
Moisture Range 8-45% 8-45%
Calibration Updates X X
Number of Scans Unlimited Unlimited
Results History by Location X X
Dry-Down Tracking by Location X X
Field Heat Map X
Data Dashboard & Download X
Up to 3 Accounts Per Device X
1-Year Hardware Warranty X X


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