Harvest Planning

Plan for a more efficient and profitable harvest with solutions from Shore Measuring Systems. We offer the tools to help you know when and where to harvest to make the most money from your grain.

Harvest Commander™

What if checking the moisture content of your corn pre-harvest was as simple as holding a spectrometer up to an ear of corn? What if the same system also analyzed weather forecasts to give you a harvest date estimate? You could save a lot of time hand-shelling corn and develop a more efficient plan for your harvest. This is all possible with the innovative new Harvest Commander™, available exclusively from Shore Measuring Systems.

Perten IM 8800 Protein/Oil Analyzer

The Perten IM 8800 is a great tool for producers looking to earn premiums on the protein or oil content of their grain or oilseeds. This portable grain analyzer uses near infrared (NIR) technology to measure the moisture, protein and oil content. Plus, it has a built-in GPS module, allowing producers to record sample locations and even generate protein maps of fields. This data can be used to develop a harvest plan to help segregate and/or blend crops with different protein, oil or moisture characteristics.

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