VICAM Mycotoxin Testing


  • Quick – Less than 10 minutes to test (excluding sample preparation)
  • Sensitive – Detects levels as low as 0.1* ppb for Fluorometer and 0.1 ppb for HPLC
  • Wide Range – Measures levels as high as 300 ppb
  • Convenient – Uses same extract and Instrumentation for testing for other mycotoxins
  • Easy – No special skills required, test can be performed virtually anywhere
  • Safe – Requires less toxic materials than conventional methods

Precise Numerical Results:

Aflatoxin, a toxin from a naturally occurring mold, is a Group 1 carcinogen proven to cause cancer in humans. The United States federal government action level for Aflatoxin in food for human consumption or in dairy cow feed is 20 ppb. For milk for human consumption the level is 0.5 ppb. Levels up to 300 ppb are allowed in certain circumstances for nondairy animal feed.

AflaTest from VICAM is the only Aflatoxin test that produces precise numerical results. Using monoclonal affinity chromatography, AflaTest can isolate Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, and G2 from feeds, food, grains, and nuts, and M1 from dairy products.

AOAC and FGIS approved, AflaTest is safe and simple. It can be performed in less than 10 minutes and requires no special skills. Results may be recorded using a digital fluorometer readout with automatic printing devices. And, you have the best of all worlds: sensitivity, simplicity, and speed – quick tests for parts per billion levels. AflaTest is also ideal as the cleanup step for any HPLC analysis. Also, AflaTest has a long shelf life. In fact, no other test comes close for speed, quantification, and economy.
* 1 ppb for grain and nuts

  • Digital readout in ppb or can be used as a clean up for HPLC
  • Requires no special storage or refrigeration
  • Gives total reading for all four types of Aflatoxin: B1, B2, G1, G2
  • Can also be used for Aflatoxin M1
  • Has shelf life of one year
  • Not affected by heat or humidity up to 86°F (30°C)
  • Can be used with a variety of samples

Simple to Use:

Extract Sample

  • Grind and weigh sample
  • Blend sample with salt and methanol / water mixture
  • Filter

Dilute and Filter

  • Dilute a portion of the filtered extract with water
  • Filter

Absorb and Elute

  • Pass a portion of filtrate over AflaTest affinity column
  • Wash column with water
  • Elute Aflatoxins from the column with methanol and collect in a cuvette


  • Add developer to eluate and place cuvette into a calibrated fluorometer and read results in ppb, or
  • Inject eluate into HPLC
  • Determine Aflatoxin concentration by HPLC

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